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FaceX provides a platform for firms to implement Facial Recognition into their applications with ease. Its versatility enables developers to integrate High Accuracy Face Recognition APIs and SDKs with only a few lines of code.

Face Recognition SDKs & APIs by FaceX

Facial Recognition Technologies

Learn more about each of the individual technologies that go into creating a facial recognition application

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Face Detection(FaceAPI)

Upload your last party group photo (or a group Photo you got online) and let FaceX try to detect all the faces. We'll extract all facial landmarks and demographics to take a guess at your age too. See how we do


Face Comparison(FaceAPI)


Upload your weirdest and most normal Photos and let FaceX compare faces, Or try uploading photos of Celebrities and their doppelgangers and see if you can fool FaceX.


Verification result: The two faces belong to same person [confidence=0.9]

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FaceX in Today's World

Case Study 1

Use of Face Recognition in Retail

What if you and all your employees remembered the names of your best and most frequent customers? It would increase their return rate and make them feel appreciated. FaceX has worked with multiple retail companies to incorporate facial recognition SDKs and enhance their customer's shopping experience.

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Case Study 2

Use of Face Recognition in Attendance

Using Facial Recognition in Attendance management in schools and commercial offices reduces the time lag and increases the day to day productivity.

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"We are extremely pleased with the services from FaceX. Their API key gives highly accurate results; the team was also supportive by giving prompt responses to our queries. I would rate FaceX better than other similar service providers available in the market."

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FaceX Anti- Spoof Detection

Check out our all new Anti-spoof detection/ Liveness Detection SDK demo. Learn more about active and passive liveness detection and how you can integrate the same in your mobile applications.

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Facial Recognition Industry Leaders

The AI and facial recognition industry is growing rapidly and doesn’t seem to be backing down. So it is necessary to understand who the big players of this sector, which will be worth between $7- $15 billion by 2024, are.

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