# Developer Guide

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# Introduction

FaceX is a platform that provides developers with APIs and SDKs to help incorporate Facial Recognition technology to your Web and Mobile Applications with ease. We pride ourselves in having a high level of accuracy, Check out our Demo.

The Technologies we provide includes Face Detection, Image Attribute Analysis, Age-Gender Identification, Face Recognition and ID and Spoof Detection.

We also offer Custom Development Services for Enterprise Clients. In the past, we have worked with Enterprises enabling Retail Technology, Education, Security, Audience Measurement etc.

For Corporates 👍

Do email us at [email protected] if you require custom development or additional support.

# Installation

You can install FaceX's Technology to your application in a number of ways. The decision on which way to integrate is totally up to you as it would vary depending upon a number of factors including End-Application, Development Timeline available and if there are any special project needs.

# Ways to Integrate:

# 1. Cloud API Server

With Cloud APIs, you can embed images via HTTP POST Requests and Process it by sending it to the FaceX Cloud. APIs are the quickest to set-up as there aren't any significant infrastructure requirements as the heavy lifting of the processing happens at FaceX Servers. API integration has no upfront requirement and is the most cost-effective, Ideally suited Small-Medium Scale applications on low budgets.

Cloud APIs are Language (or) Operating System (OS) independent. Sample codes to integrate the APIs to a lot of languages are provided in the respective API section.

Learn more about the APIs here

Please Note:

Cloud APIs can only be used for Images

# 2. Mobile SDKs Online Edge

Facial Recognition and Anti-Spoof (Liveness) Solutions are available as Online SDKs for iOS and Android Devices. The SDKs performs all the processing and computation on the clients' device itself, this ensures low-latency.

Online SDKs would require an active Internet Connection as the Billing for the solution is on a per transaction base. This is ideal for large-scale Applications that only require the use the SDK a few times during a Customer Life-time.

Facial Detection SDKs which work as an add-on to Cloud APIs are also offered as Online SDKs for iOS and Android Devices. These SDKs help you to integrate automatic capturing of faces from a Video feed and process the same using the cloud APIs.

Learn more about the SDKs here

# 3. Mobile SDKs Offline Edge

Offline SDKs are exactly the same in terms of Processing and Computation which happens at the clients' iOS or Android device. The only difference is that these SDKs are License based and would not require an active Internet Connection.

SDK Licenses can be purchased in bundles of 1000 Licenses. Each license would refer to One-Installation in a device. The license would be seen as activated as soon as it is installed.

Please Note:

Currently, SDKs are only available for Native iOS and Android. Let us know if you require it for any other language and we will include it in our Dev Backlog

Learn more about the SDKs here

# 4. Self Hosted Server Docker

FaceX also provides Docker images for Enterprise Customers who are looking to have a Self-Hosted Facial Recognition Solution.

Docker image is compatible with Linux Ubuntu OS. The docker instance comes with a Face Detector which can be used on images or video-streams and therefore it can be used to perform Facial Recognition of live-streaming video feeds.

We do not recommend this route unless there is an IT team and Infrastructure (GPU Servers) at your end who can install and maintain the solution throughout its lifecycle.

Learn more about the Self Hosted Server here

# Moving Forward

If you have found the right solution from above, Great - then go ahead - register for an account and start developing your next big solution. If you are still unsure about what would be the right implementation for you.

Talk to us : Email, Schedule a 1:1 Call

FaceX also provides support to help our users meet the GDPR/Local Legislations and Compliance Requirements. Get in touch with our team via email to learn further.

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