# Cloud APIs

FaceX offers online APIs which can be added to most applications using simple HTTP Post Requests to analyse an image or a captured video frame for face detection and recognition.

The APIs are offered in two types of plans: FaceAPI and Face Search

API and a sample Application it can serve:

Application API
Detect & count the number of faces Image Attribute API
Locate Landmark points of a face Image Attribute API
Determine the match & Euclidean (or Exact) Distance between two faces Face Match API
Determine the approximate match confidence between two faces Face Compare API
Convert a face into a Face Template Face Vector API
Create and Search on your Image Database Face Search

*Above Applications are examples, and not limited to 🤷‍♂️

# Overview of the POST Request

The FaceX API is built on REST principles. Authenticated users can interact with any of our URIs by using the specified HTTP request method. We recommend and also enforce that our users use SSL encryption by issuing requests through HTTPS.

# Pre-requisites

Though we have PHP, NodeJS, Python, Java, C#, Perl and Ruby Sample Codes for our APIs in this documentation, it is always recommended to test the API before integration with your application. For testing, we recommend using cURL or POSTMAN.

Use cURL or Postman:

cURL comes standard on Mac operating systems. On other OS, you might have to install the same. If you are familiar with POSTMAN, access the Repo to all our requests and click the link "Run in Postman".

Before you can start using the API, you need the following:

  • Register for a FaceX Account
  • Subscribe to a Paid Plan that matches your requirement
  • Have your User ID handy (you will receive this in your User Portal once you sign up), you will need to add this to every Request.

Please Note:

You will not be able to make requests if your account is deactivated or has reached the API Call limit.

# Note on Performance

All our services are currently hosted under our own secure cloud, processing with the latest rack of GeForce GPUs, promising you a result within 0.02sec and an up-time of 99.99%. We are able to provide an economical rate for all our Cloud Plans as the Compute Resources are shared. We also facilitate VPS, write to us to learn more.

# Intro to FaceAPI

With FaceX APIs you can now add Face Recognition capabilities to your App using our simple API Calls. Our services are implemented through state-of-the-art Deep learning techniques trained over millions of images to offer you the Highest Accuracy with the quickest turn-around time. Our services are the perfect fit for you if you plan to have Face ID, Gender and Age Detection or even for face transformations (Masking/Swapping etc).

The FaceAPI plan offers four APIs :

Analyses each image and provides the bounding box of every detected face, age-gender analysis and landmark points

Converts the first detected face to a 128-vector matrix template that can be stored to be used for facial recognition. Used for Face Search when using images stored on your server.

Compares the first detected face with the other image provided in the request to determine if they are a match or not. Used for Face Authentication of a database when images are stored on your server.

Compares the first detected face with the other image provided in the request and determine if they are a match or not. The result for Face Compare is a confidence value in Percentage.

The Face Search plan is used for face recognition from your own database. Face Search allows you to register, modify and search through an online database on the FaceX portal. Read more on how to begin with Face Search

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