# Error Codes Glossary

This Glossary can be used to interpret various Error Codes that you might receive from the Output JSON.

# Glossary

Error Cause Solution
Please provide all necessary details API header, params or body is incorrect Refer Sample Codes in our Guide and correct your Request Format
Api request limit over You do not have a valid API plan or your API Credits are exhausted Please subscribe for the FaceAPI plan you require
Some of the Image Attributes in 'get_image_attr' are missing API was unable to detect any faces Kindly ensure the faces in the image are frontal and of a minimum dimension. Refer
Unable to process Face Compare API responds this error when a face is not found in one or both of the images Ensure Images aren't rotated and contains a Face
Something went wrong Face Vector API responds this error when it is unable to process the Vector conversion, usually because there is no face detected in the image Ensure images uploaded contains a face and are not rotated (Images should be right way up)
Usage limits breached, files will not be processed. Please remove the batch Face Search API returns this response because either there is no active plan or you have reached the limit of allotted database size Subscribe to a Face Search plan with the database size you require
Unexpected field Face Search API format was incorrect, Server responds back with an additional parameter called incorrect field to help you debug your request with ease Refer to API documentation and ensure all tags and fields are correct
Please upgrade to continue You do not have a valid Face Search Plan Subscribe to a Face Search Plan
Plan expired Please recharge to continue You do not have a valid Face API Pan Subscribe to a Face Search Plan
Invalid Image
  • Check your tags in request Body
    • For face detect API, Body is 'image_attr'
    • For face match/compare, use 'img_1' & 'img_2'
    • For Face vecor, use 'img'
  • Net Connectivity
    • File may not have loading on the server due to net connectivity issues
  • File corrupt when uploading from PC
    • Try a different file
  • Inaccessible URL
    • The FaceX server may not be able to access the image file with the URL provided
  • Incorrect Base64 encoding
    • Reconvert image to Base64 with the encoding that starts with '/9' and reload the code
  • Check Image orientation & Ensure Face is present
    • Please ensure that the image provided has all faces in upright position
Last Updated: 6/14/2020, 9:20:38 PM