# FaceX SDK

FaceX has made available to its users a comprehensive list of SDKs that can be integrated to your Mobile Applications with ease.

Please Note

FaceX SDKs currently only supports iOS and Android OS, we are working hard to provide SDKs for other Operating Systems as well. Do write to us if you have a custom requirement.

FaceX SDKs are available as of now for

  • Online Active Liveness SDK
  • Offline Active Livneess SDK
  • Online Passive Liveness SDK
  • Offline Facial Recognition SDK (currently under closed Beta)

# Liveness / Spoof Detection SDK

Liveness SDK verifies the Person in front of the camera is indeed a real person and not an Spoof.

# Active Liveness Detection SDK

In Active Liveness Detection, the result is determined by monitoring the motion of the person’s face. When using the Active Liveness Detection, a user will be instructed by the application to perform random facial gestures and the response will be monitored to determine Liveness. The processing happens on the device and works using a video feed from the camera. The SDK is available in Online and Offline Pricing models.

If you would like to avail a Demo App of the Active Liveness SDK, kindly register for a FaceX account and request it directly via your User-Portal.

# Passive Liveness Detection SDK

In Passive Liveness, the SDK is an online SDK which works using bright light modelling. The person will be required to take a picture in the conditions determined by the SDK, this image will be posted to our server and be analysed to determine liveness.

If you would like to avail a demo App of the Passive Liveness SDK, kindly register for a FaceX account and request it directly via your User-Portal

Last Updated: 5/12/2020, 4:35:31 PM