FaceX’s Face Recognition Technology in the Game of Thrones

Face to Face with the Iron Throne?

FaceX's Face Recognition Technology in the Game of Thrones 1

The last episode of Game of Thrones is out and now our watch has ended. Unfortunately, the FaceX team is more interested in face recognition technology and deep learning. But, the final season got us thinking about how differently the story would go if FaceX was present in Westeros.

Here, we’re traveling back to the start of series and watching FaceX’s influence in events from the beginning of the tale.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for those who are not caught up with the Series until the 7th Season

For one thing: ‘Valar morghulis’: All men must die. So, the FaceX team would be dead before we actually create any impact at all. But with a touch of optimism, I would assume that at least our boss would still be standing till the end.

A bit about FaceX’s Face Recognition Technology

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FaceX is passionate about their work! They ensure that the face recognition technology is top notch always. (We are even featured in the top 10 face recognition APIs of 2019 by RapidAPI). The solutions that are currently offered from FaceX are Face detect, Face Compare, Face Vector, Spoof Detection,  Face Tracking & Face Landmarks.

Even though in the below examples few are stretching the capabilities for the sake of story; most are within the reach of the FaceX’s system.

Why would FaceX get involved in the “Game” of Thrones?

We would wish to stay out of the political scene. But after beheading a couple of us, the tech would be taken over by the Lannisters’ of King’s landing.  Within a month, there would then be a smart camera powered with FaceX’s Face recognition all over Westeros.

Face Vector

Robert Baratheon’s illegitimate children Vs. Cersei Lannister

It’s known that kids do end up looking similar to their parents in most cases. Cersei would exploit this fact and use FaceX’s Face Vector to find all of Robert Baratheon’s illegitimate children. Poor Gendry would never stand a chance! FaceX's Face Recognition Technology in the Game of Thrones 2
Face Vector is a solution offered by FaceX wherein a face is detected and converted to a 128 vector matrix. This vector matrix is plotted by the computer in a virtual space for future comparison. This way your face will represent one point in this 128-dimension space.

Now when another photo of you is run, the position of this new image will be less than 0.5 (in terms of Euclidean distance). Similarly, in this 128-dimension space, your parents and siblings would be closer to you than strangers who don’t resemble you.

Face Compare

Targaryen Kids Vs. Robert Baratheon

Robert Baratheon would do anything to have young Daenerys Targaryen and her brother killed. To this end, he would have used face recognition technology to trace the kids down to Essos and they would have been killed long before the events of the series even began.

With old images of the Targaryen kids, face compare can identify them no matter how old. Once Daenerys is killed, the White Walkers would be stuck north of the Wall still biding their time till the Ice melts, as the dragon eggs would never have hatched (and the Night King wouldn’t have his ice dragon to destroy the Wall.)

FaceX's Face Recognition Technology in the Game of Thrones 3
FaceX’s Face Compare does a one-to-one face comparison. There is a registered photo and all new faces are compared with this photo to find the person. If the Face compare result is greater than 0.75 (i.e. the faces are 75% similar), it can be determined that the person is the same as the one in the photo being compared.

Face Detect

Arya Stark pretending to be a boy Vs. Lord Tywin Lannister

Arya Stark’s act of pretending to be a server boy in front of Lord Tywin Lannister would have been exposed by FaceX’s Face detection which gives the gender of the person with confidence. Adding Face recognition through face vector or face compare, her real identity could easily be confirmed as Arya Stark of Winterfell and she would have been caught and dealt with by Lord Tywin immediately.

FaceX's Face Recognition Technology in the Game of Thrones 4

Face Detection from FaceX detects all the people present in a photo or video frame and identifies their approximate age, gender (with confidence) and other attributes of the face which can be used to classify faces in general demography.

Spoof Detection

The Faceless Men Vs King’s Landing

The Faceless Man would be the biggest challenge for FaceX. With the incorporation of Magic, it would be difficult for the FaceX spoof detection to catch them at first, but our technical team with their ‘anything-can-be-done’ attitude would most definitely be able to figure out a loophole in their technique.

FaceX's Face Recognition Technology in the Game of Thrones 5
Spoof detection technology is an additional level of security where the image quality and video movement of facial features are studied to ensure that the person is not wearing a mask or holding a picture in front of the camera.

Face Tracking

The Starks Vs The Lannisters

The Lannisters would also, for good measure and to ensure no additional threat from them, use face compare to ID the entire Stark Family and develop the Face tracking to follow them and have them captured and killed (such a pity).

The Iron Throne Finalist 

FaceX's Face Recognition Technology in the Game of Thrones 6

In conclusion, with major foes being eliminated, the Lannister family would behead all of us at FaceX and monopolize our top quality Face recognition algorithm and rule Westeros for a long while (i.e. until the Wall finally gives out and the world is ruled by an endless night).

Fortunately, FaceX exists in the present time and can be used properly with due thought. Check out our solutions offered to learn more about our Face recognition technology.

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