Prime Impacts of Artificial Intelligence

Impacts of Artificial IntelligenceWhat Can Be The Impacts of Artificial Intelligence


Humanity has grown used to the feeling of experiencing disruption every few years. As intelligent beings, we have learned to adapt to every new piece of technology that has been thrown into the public spotlight after a few moments of disruption.

The next big disruptor is likely to come in some form of advancement in the field of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a sector of computer science that deals with creating intelligent machines to perform cerebral tasks such as learning, recognizing speech and problem-solving. (Source: Techopedia)


Types of Artificial Intelligence

Types of Artificial IntelligenceThere are three broad types of artificial intelligence.

  • Narrow Artificial Intelligence

Narrow artificial intelligence is the most basic type of artificial intelligence. It is an AI system that is programmed to perform a singular task and can only function within the set parameters for that one task. It is mostly developed for routine jobs. Weather forecasts are a good example of narrow AI. Artificial Intelligence in Self-Driving Cars is a combination of multiple narrow AI working together to perform various tasks.


  • Artificial General Intelligence

Artificial General Intelligence, simply put, is a system that can search for answers for various tasks that it comes across. Like a human mind, it will look for a way to solve a problem. Unlike the human mind, however, it can not have innovative solutions as it requires a sort of “digital trail” to answer a problem.


  • Artificial Super Intelligence

Artificial Super Intelligence refers to a scenario where the cognitive abilities of artificial intelligence will be superior to that of human beings. Although this is still a hypothetical situation as of now, there have been instances of artificial intelligence overcoming humans in certain areas.

A recent example would be of Elon Musk’s OpenAI defeating professional human players at the popular mass multiplayer online role-playing video game “Dota 2”. (Source: Motherboard.vice)

Artificial superintelligence has been a hot topic of debate for many years now and people can’t seem to decide whether it may be a boon or a bane.

I can’t tell you definitively whether or not artificial intelligence is better or worse but I can give you a few advantages and disadvantages of the technology….


Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • Accuracy and computing power is a strong positive point for artificial intelligence. When programmed well, artificial intelligence can derive, process and present information at speeds and efficiency that human error simply won’t allow.
  • Replacement of jobs that could be too dangerous for human beings to perform currently, therefore, reducing risks of workplace casualties is one of the positive Impacts of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Assist people in internet searches as is present in predictive text on search engines. These predictions reduce effort from the person’s perspective.
  • Artificial intelligence systems can make rational decisions without the interference of human emotion in the decision-making process.


Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

  • Development of artificial intelligence systems can be expensive and time-consuming. As it is a professional task, labor costs, hardware, and software costs are required.
  • Under current technological circumstances, creativity is a trait that can’t be achieved by artificially intelligent systems. Therefore, the evolution of artificial intelligence only goes so far. This could possibly improve with the change in technology but at the moment, this is as far as it goes.
  • One of the fears of people regarding artificial intelligence is the increased dependency of humans on AI, eventually leading to people being mentally incapable to perform certain tasks.
  • The biggest fear of Impacts of Artificial Intelligence and maybe the biggest talking point in any debate about artificial intelligence is the possibility of artificial intelligence replacing human

(No, I’m not talking about them enslaving us)

As technology evolves, artificial intelligence systems will be able to perform more tasks than ever before. Impacts of Artificial Intelligence will eventually be able to replace most jobs which may lead to mass unemployment in sectors where inventiveness is not a requirement.

There is no way to currently tell how possible this scenario is but the safest assumption to make is that it will happen. To avoid this, people can take measures such as educating themselves in fields that need creative input that a machine can’t possibly provide.

In any case, we will have to continue doing what we do best.


New technology brings new possibilities, new opportunities as well as new challenges. The ultimate goal of artificial intelligence development is to provide for human beings in the long run. We can choose to accept this change or be afraid of it. (Like Mr. Elon Musk and Dr. Stephen Hawking) But as the popular saying goes, “The only constant is the change”.

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