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Frequently Answered Questions

Q1. What does FaceX provide?

FaceX Services is a platform that is build to support you with your face recognition needs.

The Compare Faces API - would be able to check if the faces in both photos, its application lies in Face Verification to ensure if the photos belong to the same person. App Login could be replaced with Face Passwords.

The Get Image Attr API - would be able to detect all the faces in a photo and identify parameters such as face, lips, nose position apart from gender and age. This has application in Face MakeUp, Making, Swap, Filters and Beauty Apps.

Q2. How do I get started with FaceX APIs?

FaceX has been build with simplicity in mind, you can reach our APIs with a single end point at http://facexapi.com

If you require a demonstration, Please schedule one with our team at https://calendly.com/team-facex/

Q3. What are the advantages of FaceX Pro?

FaceX Pro - gets you an increased limit of 250,000 API Calls along with a personal support agent from our team.

Q4. Does your service work without having a connection to the internet?

Yes, all our SDK's would work on offline mode, however an active internet is required for the API calls.

Q5. What is the average response time from your API Calls?

Typically it takes only 1.5 second, however if you feel the responses are slow it could be one of the following reasons

Q6. What are the sort of apps i can use face recognition for?

Sticker Apps, Beauty Apps, Face based Authentication Apps, Face based Attendance Systems, Face Filter Apps such as SnapChat and a lot more. Your imagination is the limit.

Q7. Where do I get support for FaceX ?

Email us at [email protected] or schedule a call via the link https://calendly.com/team-facex/ and we will call you.