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What does FaceX Provide?

FaceX Services is a platform that is built to support you with your face recognition needs.

We provide a Face recognition API platform and support for individual developers who wish to create their own software based on face detection.

We also partner with companies that wish to develop new face recognition technology to detect, match, and recognize faces, to identify age-gender demography, or to track people who enter a building using face detection

Will my photos or videos be saved by FaceX?

When you send photos to the FaceAPI (Face Detect, Face Compare & Face Vector), the FaceX server processes your request only. No images are stored when you use the FaceAPIs.

The photos used for our demo is stored only for tracking and analyzing the performance of our demo. No media uploaded on our servers will ever be shared with or sold to a third party.

When you purchase and use a FaceX SDK, the entire system works offline without connecting to the FaceX server. Your data will remain on your servers only. Please contact Sales for a personalised SKD.

How can I get a custom Face Recognition product made?

If your company wishes to develop the application locally within your own technical team, you can sign up to get access to our API.

If you wish to partner with us for a custom project using our API or SDK, please provide us with your project details here and our team will get back to you

What if I needed a facial recognition application to work without connecting to FaceX server?

FaceX provides custom solutions using Face recognition SDKs that work offline or without connecting to FaceX servers and you will be in complete control of your data and application.

Please go through our documentation on on-prem SDKs or contact Sales for a custom developed on-site independent SDK.

How can I get support from FaceX team?

Email us at [email protected] or schedule a call via the link https://calendly.com/team-facex/ and we will call you.