Is FaceX API Free? Can I get a free Demo trial for the API?

Unfortunately no, there are no free demo trials for our API services. We do, however, offer economical plans.

The FaceAPI plans start at $3/day and $7/Month. The Face Search plans start at $4/day and $15/Month.

Check our Pricing page for FaceAPI here and FaceSearch

Sign up for a new account here.

Can I use FaceX APIs in Android Studio or iOS app development?

You can use FaceX APIs in your Android or iOS Apps with ease. All you will have to do is to integrate via HTTP POST requests.  Learn more about FaceAPI and Face Search API

I keep getting this Message from FaceAPI : “Please provide all necessary details.”

Please go through that API user guide and our sample codes in the portal to ensure you have the right format for the API that you are using. Check the FaceAPI Documents here

The FaceAPI response comes “Api request limit over.”

Please subscribe for the FaceAPI plan you require.

You can also pay for future usage to ensure that your application runs continuously even if your calls get exhausted faster than you anticipated. When you take multiple FaceAPI plans, the next plan gets automatically activated at the end of the validity of the plan or when API calls get exhausted (whichever comes earlier).

Face Detect API is not providing any Image Attributes

Try the API again with another image ensuring that the image contains at least one clear face and is not rotated.

Read more here

How do I use the “face rectangle” attribute given by the Face Detect API?

The ‘face-rectangle’ attribute provides the coordinates in these points: x,y, x+w, y+h

Where x: is horizontal axis; y: is vertical axis; w: is width and h: is the height

Read More here


Why does Face Compare API say error: “unable to process”?

This happens when one or both the images contain no face that the API can detect, re-check your image and ensure that the image is the right way up and contains a face

I am using FaceVector API and I got this error: “something went wrong”

This occurs when no face is detected in the image, re-check your image and ensure that the image is the right way up and contains a face

I am unable to upload images to Face Search Database

This would occur because your Face Search plan is not valid for your database size or there is no active plan. Kindly subscribe for a Face Search plan with the database size you require.

I got this error when using Face Search API : “Unexpected field”

This occurs because the API format was incorrect. Please go through the API documentation and ensure all tags and fields are correct. Read More here