Face Search API Introduction


The Face Search APIs are image-based APIs which are linked to an online cloud database and can be used for facial recognition across a database.

With Face Search API plans, you gain access to

  • Online Image storage– the limit of which is determined by your active plan
  • Image-based API– Http POST request APIs which are linked to modify and search your database
  • Search Log– a basic attendance log will be stored in your online portal for your reference
Creating your online database

For Recognition using Face Search to work, first, there should be faces registered in your online database. There are two ways to add images to your database: through the FaceX portal (Login Now)or using the Add_image API for Face Search.

APIs under Face Search Plan

The APIs offered under face Search API plans are

  1. FaceSearch-Add_single_Image: add a single image directly into your online image database using this Post request
  2. FaceSearch- SearchbyImage: Search your database using an Image file (jpeg/png) to find the top three closest matches
  3. FaceSearch- SearchbyBase64: Search your database using a Base64 image to find the top three closest matches
  4. FaceSearch-Add_image_approval: send a single image to a separate admin panel in your portal and approve before adding the image to the database
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