Getting Started with FaceX APIs

Learn the basics of using FaceX to turn all your face-recognition application ideas to reality.

We understand your frustration: Whether you are new to the API world or a seasoned veteran – Integration is darning difficult for the majority of us developers. That’s why we have made our step-by-step guide. With this guide: creating a FaceX account, making your first API call, and checking its results will feel like a walk in the park

Step 1: Creating a FaceX Developer Account.

Use this link to our registration page: FaceX Account Registration

Once you have filled out the form, click Sign Up

Step 2: Verify your Email ID

Once your account has been created, a verification email with a link will be sent to the email id provided during the registration.

Click on the link, activate your email, and you are now a prized member of the FaceX’s Developer Family.

If you have not received the verification email or are facing any other issues in creating an account – please get in touch with our team via email at [email protected]

Step 3: Select Your API plan

Depending on your use case you should go with one of our online API plans:

FaceAPI  Face Search
FaceAPI plans come with access to:

  • Face Detect API
  • Face Match API
  • Face Compare API
  • Face Vector API

The Plans are based on the number of API calls required by the app.

FaceAPI plans come with access to:

  • Face Search APIs
  • Online Image Database
  • A test application

The Plans are based on the number of Faces registered and the API calls required

Please go through the user guides for each of the APIs before taking a call on which one you would require or you can reach out to us over email if you had further questions.

Once you know which plan you require, please subscribe to the same through our payment page in the User portal.

Step 4: Your User ID

Once your payment is successful, your User ID will be activated.  You are required to add this valid User ID in each of your Post requests.

Note: Please do not share your user id with anyone

Your User ID is available in your Home Dashboard under “User ID”

Step 5: Make your first request

You’re all set! Your account is active and you have an active user id. You can start using the APIs and code your own facial recognition application now. Browse our other articles to learn more about the API formats required and the sample codes you can use.

Step 6: Track your usage and pay for future use

Once your account is activated, you can track your API usage by API calls through the analytics page in the portal (for both FaceAPI and Face Search).

FaceX also provides you with an option to pay for future usage, where you get upgraded to the next subscribed plan when the plan validity or API limit is exhausted.

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