Liveness or Spoof Detection SDK

Liveness or Spoof Detection SDK is a security feature where the API/SDK scans for the possibility of spoofing.

Active Liveness Detection

In Active Liveness Detection, the result is determined by monitoring the motion of the person’s face. When using the Active Liveness Detection, a user will be instructed by the application to perform random facial gestures and the response will be monitored to determine Liveness. This SDK works completely offline and works using a video feed from the camera.

Watch the Demo for Active Liveness here

You can request an iOS demo SDK from us through our user portal. Sign up here

Passive Liveness Detection

In Passive Liveness, the SDK is an online SDK which works using bright light modelling. The person will be required to take a picture in the conditions determined by the SDK, this image will be posted to our server and be analysed to determine liveness.

Watch the Demo for Passive Liveness here

A Demo Android/iOS app can be given to test passive liveness. You can request the demo from us through our user portal. Sign up here


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