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Face Vector API is the base API used in all of the FaceX facial recognition applications. The basic function of the FaceVector API is to convert the provided face into a 128-Vector Matrix template which can be used for recognition.

Here we are looking at the API format when the bounding box parameter is being used.

Image Requirement

  1. Please refer to the article “Image Quality for Facial Recognition” for best practices.
  2. We recommend an image resolution no higher than 1024x, since it could slow down the request process. Supported image formats are JPEG/PNG format.

Request URL


Note:  If you have only one face per image and do not require to use bounding box, please refer to the article “The Post Request | Face Vector





bboxes String The bounding box of the face in img you require the analysis for

(For example: 130,180,240,300)

Note: To learn more about the bounding box parameter, please refer to this article “Face Bounding Box




user_id String Your valid User ID

(as shown in your user portal when you log in)

content-type multipart/form-data (if using image file)

application/json (if using Base64/URL)

Note: Your User ID will be valid for Face Vector API only if you have an active FaceAPI plan





img file or String An image file, supported files jpeg, png or Base64 or Image URL


The output provided by the FaceVector API is a 128-Vector Matrix which can be used as the face template for the face provided

Performing Facial Recognition Using Face Vector

There are different ways you can use the Face Vector API to do facial recognition, read the following articles to get started

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