Using the Face Search API

The Face Search plan provides you with a database based API plan which allows you to create, modify and search an online database which is stored on the FaceX server.

The Face Search plans are based on the number of images you wish to register in the database with the base plan starting with 100 images. Face Search can be used for 1:N recognition and 1:1 recognition. (1:1 recognition requires customisation of the database- please email the [email protected] for the same)

Note: When using a database, please ensure that each image being registered has a unique file name.

A) Registering images

After you have subscribed to a plan, you register images on your FaceX database by uploading images/ zip files directly through the image database section in your user portal or by using Post requests.

There are two APIs which can add images to your database:

  • Registration API– This API accepts an image with a name and directly registers the image in your main database. Read more here.
  • Application API– This API sends the image posted into an admin panel where the admin can decide whether the image needs to be registered in the main database or not. Read more here.

Once you register an image, a unique image_id is provided which can be used to delete the image if required.

If Face Authentication is required using Face Search API, please email us ([email protected]) for customisation.

B) Deleting images from database

An image can be deleted from the database, directly from the user portal using the delete image option given.

C) Searching the database.

To search the database once images are registered, you can integrate APIs to search by image or Base64.

If you require integration of automatic capture of images in your mobile application, you can use the Face Detection SDK (iOS or Android) which is available for purchase from the user portal. If Face Authentication is required using Face Search API, please email us ([email protected]) for customisation.

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