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The Face Recognition Platform for firms looking for new technology using Face Recognition or for developers looking for High Accuracy Face Recognition APIs for their apps.

Face Recognition API by FaceX

Who are we ?

We are a firm based in India, that loves to innovate and are passionate about our work.

We provide a platform for Face Detection and Recognition applications. Our Team is open to helping all users: from individual developers to large corporations who partner with us. We pride ourselves on having unparalleled accuracy!

We are continuously evolving in this dynamic and exciting space, and proving on a day to day basis that we have what it takes to be the best.

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Building your own Face Recognition App

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Face Detection

Upload your last party group photo (or a group Photo you got online) and let FaceX try to detect all the faces. We'll extract all facial landmarks and demographics to take a guess at your age too. See how we do


Face Comparison


Upload your weirdest and most normal Photos and let FaceX compare faces, Or try uploading photos of Celebrities and their doppelgangers and see if you can fool FaceX.


Verification result: The two faces belong to same person [confidence=0.9]

Now let's get you started

Start making your own face recognition app with FaceX API. It’s fun, easy, and we'll be there to support you.


FaceX in Today's World

Case Study 1

Use of Face Recognition in Retail

What if you and all your employees remembered the names of your best and most frequent customers? It would increase their return rate and make them feel appreciated. FaceX has worked with multiple retail companies to incorporate facial recognition and enhance their customer's shopping experience.

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Case Study 2

Use of Face Recognition in Attendance

Using Facial Recognition in Attendance management in schools and commercial offices reduces the time lag and increases the day to day productivity.

Partners who have placed their trust in us

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Nishanth's Tutorial

In this video Nishanth, our Data Science Engineer, takes you across the various options available in FaceX's Face Recognition service. The tutorial covers examples of Gender/Age Identification of Andrew Garfield and verifies if a picture of Bruce Willis indeed belongs to him or not.

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Facial Recognition Industry Leaders

Facial Recognition Industry Leaders Comparision (and why WE are better). The AI and facial recognition industry is growing rapidly and doesn’t seem to be backing down. So it is necessary to understand who the big players of this sector, which will be worth between $7- $15 billion by 2024, are.

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