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Face Detection

Face Detection is the basic process where a computer system scans an image or an area within its video frame and detects the faces present in view.

What more can face detect do?

Normally Face detection defined as the process of detecting the human faces in an image or video. But FaceX's API has also, in the past, been trained and used to detect the faces of animals. Which goes to prove that the limits of Face Detection technology have not yet been reached.


High Accuracy and better Gender profiling

Economical (0.098 Cent/API call)

No Rational Discrimination

Use Cases

Analyzing traffic (in retail stores, for example) and determining demography-wise popularity.
Smart digital cameras can allow for autofocus when faces are detected in the frame.

Face Detection Products

Face Detection API


Face Detection API can easily be accessed from our server for developers who wish to create Face detection Apps at low cost. Sign Up
Face Detection SDK For those who require a dedicated face detection system, working from their own server, Face Detection SDK can be provided. Contact Sales