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Spoof Detection

Liveness or Spoof Detection SDK is a security feature where the face recognition API scans the possibility of spoofing using fake faces (by way of photographs or using masks).

Where do I need to use spoof detection?

Spoof detection is a necessary feature when Face recognition is used for Security locks. FaceX Spoof Detection SDK ensures that no third party is able to take advantage of the face recognition system.


Quick Integration to existing systems

Adaptable to any Face recognition System

More Robust to real world accessories

Use Cases

Spoof Detection SDK ensures that the Face unlock feature is not used to gain access to personal information without your concent.
Spoof Detection SDKs installed in places that use Face Recognition-Based Entry secures the facility being protected.

Spoof Detection Products

Spoof Detection SDK
Our Spoof Detection SDK is recommended for all Security features involving Face Recognition Contact Sales