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Face Tracking

Face Tracking is when a Face that has been recognized or detected is then tracked by the AI system to monitor the change in facial muscles and to track the Face movement in real time within the frame.

What is face tracking used?

Face Tracking can be implemented in different scenarios. When creating heatmaps or if continuous analysis of detected faces are required, face tracking comes in the picture. In animojis, for example, Face landmarks detects all the facial features and the selected filter is applied to the face; Face tracking ensures that the Face movement is tracked in real time and the filter stays on accurately.

Face Tracking Products

Face Tracking SDK
Face Tracking SDKs installed along with FaceX Face Detection and Face recognition Systems can be used to track faces Contact Sales


Optical flow based Tracking for Accuracy

Real-time face tracking with no lag

Optimised to integrate to existing system

Use Cases of Face Tracking

In smartcars, monitoring the driver's face ensures they are not tired or distracted.
The attractiveness of window displays can be measured by the glance time it recieves.