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Face Detection

Face Detection is the basic process where a computer system scans an image or an area within its video frame and detects the faces present in view.

Why do I need Face Detection?

Whether your end users submit photos or appear in a camera feed your application would not know the exact location of the person's face within the frame. Therefore your first step would be to detect faces.

How can I detect a face?

In Photographs If your application works with photographs, then you can use the embedded face detection feature within our API. Our Face Detect API will detect all the faces in the presented photogrphs in Seconds.
You can use the Face Detect API by activating one of the FaceAPI plans.
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In Live streaming videos With Live Streaming videos, a bit more commutation is required to identify a face appearing in the stream and therefore, you would require a face detection SDK Contact Sales


High Accuracy and better Gender profiling


No Rational Discrimination

Use Cases of Face Detection Technology

Analyzing traffic (in retail stores, for example) and determining demography-wise popularity.
Smart digital cameras can allow for autofocus when faces are detected in the frame.