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Home Building an application Step-3 Face Recognition

Face Recognition

Face Recognition is when a computer detects a Face using Face detection and then identifies the person's name or identity using a previously stored database of Face attributes.

There are two types 1:1 comparison & 1:N comparison.

Which do I need 1:1 or 1:N?

Suppose you are trying to recognize only one person in a crowd of people (like in your face unlock app) you need 1:1

If you have to identify a group of people, you need 1:N face recognition.

How do I recognize a face?

1:1 Recognition Face Match API does 1:1 Comparison easily. Two faces can be compared to determine if they belong to the same person.
You can use the Face Match API by activating one of the FaceAPI plans.
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1:N Recognition (Face Search) Face Search API allows you to create, edit and maintain a database and then Search the same to perform a recognition.
You can use the Face Search API by activating one of the Face Search plans.
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1:N Recognition (Face Vector) Face Vector, requires a bit more computation required from your end but gives you more control over your data storage.
You can use the Face Vector API by activating one of the FaceAPI plans.
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Low Latency for recognition

Scalable at an economical rate

No Cropping of Images required

Use Cases of Facial Recognition

Customers of an establishment, registered with their consent and with proper ID, can be identified by the system and greeted on entry
Airport Check-in & Office/School Attendance Management can be done more efficiently and quickly using Face Recognition Technology