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Face Landmarks

Face Landmarks are used in applications were the AI system detects the exact location and shape of a person's facial features (like the location of the ears, eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth) and applies changes or records the movement.

Would I need to find Face Landmarks in my application?

Depends on your application use case. Usually, Face Landmarks are used in sticker apps (like in Snapchat filters) where the Facial features are detected and funny glasses and cat ears can be applied as filters. FaceX has worked on virtual make-up apps ideal for cosmetic stores where customers coming can apply virtual makeup products and see how they would look using those products.

How do I get facial Landmarks?

In Photographs
If your application works with photographs, the face detect API provides (x,y) coordinates of 68 landmark points which can be visualized by doing a scatterplot on the image. Read More


68-feature Extraction (Increasing Accuracy)

More Robust and adaptable to angles and accessories

Unlimited Faces landmarked from a single photo

Use Cases of face Landmarks Technology

Cosmetic Companies can demonstrate their products to every customer using Virtual makeup apps.