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Face Recognition in Retail Management

In today's world, where online retail is becoming the preferred means of shopping, upgrading our brick and mortar stores to be as smart as online retail is a necessity.

When shopping online, the website knows you and your shopping history and ensures to display products analyzed to interest you the most.

But at the same time, brick and mortar stores end up bombarding their customers with a thousand ads per day- half of which doesn't apply to them; at other times a frequent customer is ignored simply because the retailer forgot their name.

FaceX offers a platform for facial recognition based solutions to solve these problems. Using Face recognition, face ID and Gender-age identification, a normal brick and mortar store can be a smart store to cater to the customers and enhance their shopping experience.

A few features that FaceX is working on delivering and implementing are Customer Counter, Glance time, Customer Greeting and Targeted advertisement.

Customer counter

Customer counter uses Smart CCTV cameras linked to the FaceX Face detection API to detect, count and analyze the number of customers that enter the store throughout the day. The faces are detected and analyzed by Face analytics and gender-age identification and logged along with the time and date information; this way, retail store owners will have a better understanding of their store popularity with respect to customers of different demographics by identifying the ages and genders of the incoming customers and using the information to have an idea of which age-gender groups frequent the store more. They would also know their most and least busy hours and the frequency of repeat customers using Face Recognition to identify their loyal customers.

With this information in hand, retail stores will be able to promote or introduce products or increase services to better the gap between their best and worst demography and hours.  

Glance Time

Glance time is a feature requested by a few retail clients for analyzing the impression their customers had for a particular product. Smart cameras powered by the FaceX system are positioned all around the store which detects how long each consumer looks/ glances at a particular product using Face recognition and Face analytics. With this information, it is possible for the system to determine the average glance time of the product and the store gets an overall idea of the product appeal. If the glance time is too low, the product can be advertised or the display can be improved to catch the customer's attention. While in cases where the glance time is high, but the product sales aren't up to the mark, the store can possibly provide offers and discounts and subtly urge the customers into purchasing the product.

Customer Greeting

Customer Greeting is a feature FaceX provided for retail stores who wished to ensure their frequent customers were treated properly. When a customer has purchased an item, with the consent of the client, the name in the invoice is registered against the Face attributes that the FaceX system detected and a database is created. When this customer revisits the store, Face ID and verification, which is being used to scan the incoming customers, identify the repeat customer and the store employees are notified of their presence along with the name stored in the database. The employees are now all equipped to greet the customer by name, ensuring that they have a good shopping experience and prompts the customer to frequent the store more often.   

Targeted Advertisement

Here FaceX API is linked to a camera placed near an advertisement screen which then scans each Customer who walks in front of it. The gender and age of the customer are detected by the FaceX system using Face analytics and Gender-Age identification. This information is then processed by the system and an Ad meant to target the respective age-gender group is displayed on the screen. The customer responds to the ad and can now be prompted by an on-screen message to visit that particular aisle number.


In a debate of Online Retail Vs. Brick and Mortar, it often seems that the brick and mortar section is at a disadvantage. But the experience of walking into a store and discovering new items to buy while being confident in the quality of the products is always an advantage. Implementing Face recognition technology in retail stores ensures that the store meets up to the ease of shopping online and gives stores an edge to stay ahead in today's smart tech world.