FaceX offers easy face detection & face recognition technology that can be added to any of your applications. We pride ourselves on having a high level of accuracy. (Check out our Demo on the home page).

We offer services in Face Detection, Image Attribute Analysis, Age-Gender Identification, Face Recognition and ID and Spoof Detection and we have clients in various sectors like Retail, Corporate offices, Education, Security, Traffic Management etc.


Our customers have implemented the addition of Face Detection and Face ID technology in their stores to track and analyze the traffic of customers they receive on their premises. Read about our Retail projects.

Corporate offices and Educational Institutions: 

They have upgraded their attendance management systems using Face Recognition in order to streamline their day to day procedures and increase the number of productive hours in a day. Read about our Attendance management projects.


Security is one of the more common sectors that face recognition is known to be used today. Face recognition screen lock is a common feature in almost all smartphones. FaceX provides added security where any Face Recognition Security application will also have spoof detection. In Spoof detection, the person detected in the security application is instructed to move their face and perform a few random actions so as to secure that the authenticity of the face detected.  

FaceX's Face recognition has a high level of accuracy but can still develop much further. Feel free to contact us if you have a project that needs custom development or additional support.